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WAYNE, Your Source for Aluminum DIP BRAZING!
An AS9100:2016 + ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.


The Dip Brazing of 6000-series aluminum assemblies is ideal for Electronic Enclosures, Heat Exchangers, and Wave Guides. Brazing is a unique process that allows simple or complex configurations to be perfectly joined. First the details are cleaned and prepared by placing aluminum alloy filler along the seams. The assembly is then dipped into a bath of molten flux. As the brazing temperature is reached, the alloy flows by capillary action, producing a well-fused braze joint. Finally, a quenching and age-hardening cycle restores temper and strength.

Experience the benefits:

  • Improved Structural Integrity

  • Improved Design Freedom

  • Improved EMI/RFI Characteristics

  • Reduced Cost and Lead Time

  • Reduced Thermal Distortion

  • Reduced Fastener Count

  • Reduced Tooling Cost

Since 1966, WAYNE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIES has brought precision to the art of Dip Brazing. Serving the military, electronics, aerospace and medical industries, our expertise has proven an industry leader. Complete design, assembly and finishing services are available. MIL-SPEC or commercial, we will satisfy your turnkey Aluminum Dip Brazing needs from design to delivery. E-mail us your CAD files.